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The Latest and Last Issue - #50 - January 12th, 2009

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Nazi Holocaust for Beginners

To date there has been nothing more horrific in modern times than the implementation of the mass extermination of human beings carried out by the Nazi state in Germany in World War Two. It is unique, even in the face of other atrocities before or since that time. Artists, philosophers, historians, politicians along with thousands if not millions of other people have striven to keep the issue alive as the thousands of books and web pages show.

The Holocaust was denied by some who sought to revise history rather than seeking the truth of it, and interpreting it. This book is dedicated to all those who desire to learn about and understand those troubled times so that they may prepare for a trouble-free future.

History in cartoon beginners format. This edition,
ISBN 0 908562 98 5. 248 pages

$34.95 (NZ)

postage extra o/seas.

FOOTPRINTS ON A GRAVEL ROAD - Barry Southam, Poems and stories.

Barry Southam lives in Christchurch, New Zealand. Author of two books of poetry (Lovers and Other People and The People Dance) and a book of stories, "Mixed Singles". He is also a playwright with plays performed both on radio and on stage. He was one of NZ's first performance poets in the Writers in Schools programme, and has also acted in radio plays and on film.

Reviewers said: "...the stories are fresh and vital" (E. Post), "darned good reading" Auck Star. Poems: ".... a warmth of humanity spreads throughout". (NZ Herald) "total impact in the literary and social sense is powerful" (Landfall).

This edition, ISBN 0 908562 88 8.

$24.95 (NZ)

postage extra o/seas.

IN THE GRIP OF EVIL - The Bain Murders. Judith Wolfe (art), Trevor Reeves (text).

This book was published on July 20th 2003. It is a set of nearly 180 drawings plus descriptive text and commentary. It reconstructs the events of that morning in Dunedin NZ, on 20th June 1994. It details many of the reasons as to why these murders occurred - David Bain's actions in committing them and the disfunction of his family during the years leading up to the tragedy.

David Bain, on the beach only two days after he killed his family that fateful day in June 1994, telling that his fears of the 'terrible thing' that was going to happen had come true.

This edition, ISBN 0 908562 64 0 For further information, go here

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