Drawing by Judith Wolfe


Two Poems

    You are warm light

    you are warm light
    breaking darkness into pieces
    pushing through
    illuminating like a goddess
    you have taken
    many sheets of blackness
    and formed shards
    of piercing hope
    the tiger has clawed me
    in the cage
    but you have bathed and
    tended my wounds
    these are drunken words
    I know
    some foolish gibberish
    written upon the tilt
    of the glass bottle
    but what can I do when
    alone and drinking and
    counting my scars
    other than become mournful
    without you?

    Sunlight in motion

    Sunlight is your motif
    You pour it over me
    You are sunlight in motion
    You are so good for me
    You donít know how this feels
    You kick away my darkness
    Make me shine again
    I breathe in your black hair
    The ravens splintered wings
    My fingers run through
    Your voracious rivers
    You move around me
    Engulfing and swallowing
    My being
    You have moved from the edges
    Into the centre of me
    Become the very core
    The beating heart
    Of me
    That once was stilled
    and closed down to a
    bloodless drip

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