Drawing by Judith Wolfe


Two Poems

      Dream The White Skin Of Your Arm

      I am born to swim the river
      of your blue veins
      delta of fingers to soft
      calm cream headwaters
      born in dark days a flippery fishtail
      rainbow muscles ripple
      against your current

      I am a white suit dairyman out
      at first milk morning light
      thirsty for deliverance
      -my chocolate cookie sins

      the porcelain cup of your arms
      holds my ripples perfectly
      reflects my doves in white sky

      the moon of my pillow
      clock face to
      my foggy black numbers
      toss of cotton sheets
      cement morning overcast
      and a taste of milk so real
      in my waiting mouth

      Dad Alone in Texas

      standing next to his lake of sky
      geese rippling the world
      duck calls in the reeds
      threat of cancer eating the sun

      it was a good dream
      -the ranch
      what makes a man come out here
      what makes a man leave it

      the devil brings you hail for summer
      god gives snow for winter
      strong men cry with both

      on the other side of your lake
      the ocean of the midwest sings to you
      sings home
      sings heart
      sings love to the strong men

      with tired muscles
      --sore backs--
      and an ear for sirens

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