Drawing by Judith Wolfe
Margaret Mitcalfe



      Do I not see you?
      We are rooms rearranging ourselves around each other.
      Curtains, doors, edges, mantlepieces offer and obscure
      different views of our interiors - mobile rooms.

      The things that are locked in place, that don't change position
      easily: the large bureaus. How did you come to know
      that thing was there when I didn't know it was there
      myself? I'm not sure I get on with you after all.


      As I am
      becoming the
      mountain and the
      snow falls on me

      the weather
      that you saw
      forming me
      I now can feel.


      The resources spill up
      to the surface;
      the reservoir of self.

      Is there time in
      the flood to find
      and hold and use
      ˝ of what is there?

      "Much needed goods!

      They've arrived!"
      …waving shouting.
      The labelled cartons
      held up

      to an empty house.

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