Drawing by Judith Wolfe
Nicola Reeves

Three Poems

      I Feel

      Do you see me
      as a jagged puzzle
      hard corners
      that don't fit right

      I sit in the corner
      solving myself
      as you watch

      My Arrival

      Sweet jasmine flanks the wall of my arrival
      I clear my throat

      Soft wood and iron beckon over broken
      I enter your castle of pasted paper

      You are collecting stamps on the internet
      "what's new"?
      "nothing much" I say

      My wisdom withers into a box labelled

      I have come unannounced.

      What Lies Inside

      Soft jovial laughter draws tired lines around
      your life
      checked shirts and drying gym shoes
      piled newspapers edit the floorspace

      the news is on
      the next cause cries
      you run and capture the string

      that ties the ankles of the twits
      the underdog escapes the shadow of their fall

      One more won

      It's 6pm
           the news is on again

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