21st Issue, 12th October, 2001

Southern Ocean Review

Notes on Contributors

Stories by

  1. Alex Keegan / Pink
  2. Claudia Marinelli / A Tragedy
  3. S. W. Roberts / Exchange Poultry Farm
  4. Edward Gay / Erika Goes Shopping
  5. Vic Fortessa / Pigs
  6. David McFarlane / The One in White

Poems by

  1. Peter Bakowski / Captain Vapilov of Plyos, the Upper Volga, 1995.
  2. Nancy Groth / Memory of Love is Not Enough
  3. Terry Lowenstein / The Eagle Weeps, Innocence Lost
  4. Janet Buck / The Seedy Bar, Our Thistled Land
  5. Averil Bones / On Titan
  6. Betty Matthews / Someone, Never Rise.
  7. Jules Leigh Koch / Outpost, Cat
  8. Iain Britton / Footsteps, White Icing
  9. Alison Daniel / Blinding Silence, It Could Have Been, White as Camphor
  10. David Winwood / A Year On, Night And.
  11. William Cook / Peripheral, Factory Snapshot
  12. Brad Evans / for 50 years....
  13. Rangi Faith / Conversations With a Moahunter
  14. John O'Connor / Barney
  15. Richard Hopkins / The Giant Piriri

Feature! Book Reviews.

About the Authors

WILLIAM COOK is a Victoria University English Literature Honours student. Has had work published in Canta, Zephyr and Poetry New Zealand. Now working on a science fiction novel.
BRAD EVANS was born in Sydney, 1971. He was placed into various educational institutions for twenty years, finally escaping in 1997 when poetry became too influential in his life. Some of his latest poems, articles, interviews, and reviews have been, or will soon be, featured in a number od publications. Brad's first book of poetry, "and them and the jackals and the night", has been released. Brad is also the founder and editor of Red Lamp, a journal for realist, socialist and humanitarian poetry.
EDWARD GAY is a young Auckland writer presently living in Dunedin. His collection of short stories, A night of Commitment was published earlier this year and reviewed in SOR #19.
TERRY LOWENSTEIN is a writer who lives in North Carolina with her husband, two daughters and two cats-Dickens and Emerson. Her "day job" is writing magazine articles that include personal essays, travel articles and book reviews. Her work appears in magazines throughout the United States and internationally. She also writes a monthly column that appears in parenting publications across the United States.She is currently at work on her newest chapbook-Poetry From Rock Stream and is moving ahead with plans for a series of children's picture books. (Editor's note: The drawing for The Eagle Weeps depicts a statute that was in one of the towers - an airman with goggles and flying jacket, with an airplane going through him).
BERNARD GADD: has been a prolific contributor to New Zealand literature in a number of forms over the years. Educationalist, poet, fiction writer, essayist, reviewer, political commentator (he is co-editor of a political ezine, INCITE - www.freespeech.org/incite ) and editor. He has published several books of poetry, verse and other writing.
JANET BUCK teaches writing and literature at college level in the USA. Her homepage has received over 30 awards. Her poems have been published widely, and has been a featured poet for magazines such as Seeker Magazine, Vortex, Conspire and others. her first collection, Calamity's Quilt has been published.
BETTY ANN MATTHEWS lives and writes in Wanganui, New Zealand.
AVERIL BONES holds a BA Communication (Print Journalism) lives in Sydney, Australia and currently works in the publishing industry. Her work has appeared in many journals and zines including The Blue Fifth Review, Aileron, Comrades E-Zine, Red Coral, Poetry Downunder, Poetry Life & Times, Poetry Repair Shop, Ascent, The Indite Circle, Poets Cut, Pale Forest, Outsider Ink, Grassroots Poetry, Dalipyati, Creativenue, Cerberus, San Francisco Salvo, Dead Mule, Poetry Street Corner, and This Hard Wind. She is a regular contributor to Poetry Downunder, and is featured as an Alpha Poet on The Poet's Porch.
DAVID WINWOOD lives in the Old Rectory, Kilmore, Nr Carrick-on-Shannon, County Roscommon, Ireland.
ALLISON DANIEL lives in Tasmania, Australia, and as a result of climate,isolation, and even genetics (she is closely related to the Borgias) she finds the writing of poetry keeps her out of the gutter, albiet, not for long.
IAIN BRITTON is a teacher at King's School, Auckland, New Zealand. His work has been recently published in Poetry New Zealand and in a number of magazines in England - Poetry Monthly, the Forward Press and by Agenda (London). Also Jaam 14 has just published a number of his poems.
ALEX KEEGAN is the pseudonym of Ron Jones, born Newport, Gwent 1947. Alex writes mystery thrillers but his real love literate fiction. Many stories published and a number of prizes. Edited editions of E-Scene and World Wide Writers.
CLAUDIA MARINELLI is living in Italy, but had been living in New York for eight years. Her "The Tragedy" is a translation of the original Italian manuscript.
S. W. ROBERTS is a new writer in Auckland, New Zealand.
RANGI FAITH (Ngai Tahu) Born Timaru, New Zealand. Books, "Unfinished Crossword", Hazard Press. Edited 'Dangerous Landscapes' Longman Paul 1994, printed in Homeland (Manoa magazine, University of Hawaii, 1997). Appeared in Poetry New Zealand, Te Ao Marama 5, etc, and his first book of poetry has just appeared, "Rivers Without Eels".
PETER BAKOWSKI lives and writes in Richmond, Victoria, Australia.
ROBERT JAMES BERRY: A Londoner who had been living in Penang Island, in West Malaysia where he lectured in English, Literature and Language at the University of Science there. Has had poems published in England, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Sweden and Trinidad. He now lives and teaches in England.
NANCY FLYNN GROTH: lives in California, USA. She began writing poems in 1993. She is currently writing a novel.
JULES LEIGH KOCH was born in Sydney in 1958 and raised in Adelaide. Presently a part time School Service Officer at Ashfield Special School and a parent. Has lived and worked as a gardener, house parent, farmhand and in childcare and also lived and worked on the North Island of New Zealand. Founding member of the Kensington / Norwood writing group in 1986 and along time member of the SA Writers Centre. he has been published in Redoubt, Matoid, Southerly, Hermes and Going Down Swinging.
VIC FORTESSA is 51, a lifelong resident of Brooklyn, USA. He's had 21 stories published in very small press magazines, half of them appearing in ezines. He has published a novel, "Close to the Edge" available here
DAVID ALEXANDER McFARLAND lives and writes in Rock Island, Illinois, USA.
TREVOR REEVES began writing in the late 1960's and has three collections, published in the 1970's, to his credit. Editor and publisher of Caveman Press and now Square One Press, he is a co-editor of Southern Ocean Review with Judith Wolfe. His writing has appeared throughout the world and includes fiction as well as poetry and critical writing and reviews. A collection of stories, "Breaker Breaker and other stories" is to appear this year.
JUDITH WOLFE lives in Dunedin, New Zealand. She is an artist, designer and sculptor and has exhibited widely throughout New Zealand. Some of her works have been in travelling exhibitions overseas. Recent exhibitions at the Empire Cinema, guest artist at the Wanaka Art Group Exhibition, August 1997 and exhibited in the Warbirds Over Wanaka air show exhibition, Easter, 1998, and the Cleveland Art Awards, Dunedin, October 1998 and 2001, and the Columba College exhibition 1999. Exhibitions throughout Central Otago are planned. Her arts site is here
JOHN O'CONNOR is a Christchurch poet and publisher. His work has been published extensively and he has had several collections of his poetry published.
RICHARD HOPKINS is 25 and lives in New Plymouth. He has been writing bits and pieces for about 8 years and this is the first time he has contributed anything to a magazine.